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Hot but feeling good.

It's going to be, like, 108 degrees again today! When will it ever end? My prayers for rain probably won't be answered for months. We've had Halloweens where it was 90 degrees. And others where it was cool and raining - aaaahhh, just the thought of it brings a smile to my face.

Anyway. I'm going to *FINALLY* see Moulin Rouge tonight with my mom. She's the only one who will allow herself to be dragged to see it. I hope she doesn't hate it.

Not doing anything fun for the 4th tomorrow, not even seeing John. :( He and I have to take advantage of the free time to get our work done. Then we'll have 4 days together, yay! Usually we just have the weekends. I told him I got the tickets for Stevie Nicks, and he's excited. I made him guess who the artist was at first, and he named Madonna, The Cranberries (probably because we've seen them before) and Britney Spears! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??? He knows I can't stand the little twirp. I'm hoping he was joking. *shudders at the thought*

I'm definitely getting into this LJ thing more now, even making some new friends here, which is always nice.

I've updated my "Interests" on my profile page, in case anyone's bored and/or interested.

Happy 4th, everyone! And happy belated Canada Day to my lovely Canadian friends!

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