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Wide awake at 3:00 a.m.

Gee, I drank a Mocha Blast hours ago - could that be why I'm still wide awake? Dunno. Don't care, except that I don't want to sleep the day away tomorrow.
I read a poem today that I just find really beautiful. It is copyrighted, but the only name I have for the author as of yet is "Rachel" - if I get her last name, I'll be sure to fix it. Anyway, I'd like to post it here.

Mermaid by Rachel ?

Did you ever hear the mermaids sing
To a beating bloody heart?
Their voices I heard that day
When the waves began to part.

Fighting for a breath of air
Wishing my soul would find the clouds
I didn't realize down below
You swam through silent sounds.

Up you came with strength in hand and tail.
I saw my face inside your eyes
Your smile spoke seas and oceans to me.
My savior from depths you did arise.

It happened on that salty wind
The moment you wait, the second that saves.
I watched you swim towards the horizon,
Then dive into the waves.

So swiftly you were gone
Your duty done your moment had come
To save my soul, my life, my being.
From the same blackness you were from.

When I found my footing and reached the land
I looked out into the blue.
I saw the sun touch the sea
And I blew a kiss to you.
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