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Happy Tuesday, peeps

Ack! I should be working on transcripts. Such the procrastinator am I. *sigh* Just when I get caught up, I allow myself to fall behind again. I must be a glutton for punishment.
Besides, browsing LJ for interesting people is MUCH more interessante.

Why does *everyone* else get to have lovely autumn weather? It's been in the 70s here. High 70s. I want COOLness! I want to be able to wear the pretty new clothes I bought. I hate California. It's too damn sunny here. We get, what, 2 months of winter? Gah! Dreaming of Seattle ...

I am the worst slacker on LJ ever, methinks.

Katelyn, when are you going to join? HELLO! Are you reading this? hehe (Yay for the Dbacks!)

My two new faeries arrived in the mail yesterday. They are called Diamond Fairy and Star Fairy and are ornaments you can hang on a Christmas tree or anywhere all year round. They are so darling! They're itty bitty things, only about 3 1/2" tall.
I bought them on www.fairygardens.com - check out that site! The webmaster is a sweetheart (her name is Hope, tell her Holly sent ya!).

I just adore the latest Jewel song "Standing Still." Isn't she the best? Crooked tooth and all.

Peace out, trouts. For now.
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