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Tuesday already, yay!

I just love three-day weekends. Aren't they the best? And the icing on the cake - it rained nearly all weekend and continues to be overcast now. I am in heaven!

Not to mention the fact that our trial vacated today. The bailiff and clerk think I bring good luck to their Department because the last three or four times I've been assigned there, at least one trial has vacated. It's wonderful to be paid a whole day's shebang and only put in 2 hours of work. I am a happy camper for picking this career, that's for sure.
Hey, this is my journal. If you don't like hearing me brag, then get out! tee hee ;D

I was awful today as far as nutrition goes. I had *gasp* a Western Bacon Cheeseburger with extra bbq sauce from Carl's Jr. Can't get any worse than that, me thinks!

Had a really nice weekend with the John man. Until this morning when he tried to get frisky at 5:00 a.m. Sorry, but that is the last thing on my mind at that hour! Too much info, I know. Sorry.

I need to buy three CDs, like NOW: The new Enya, Jewel and Cranberries. I simply refuse to pay $17.99 for each CD, however. If I can't find 'em for no more than $14.99 per CD, then forget it. Who would pay full price? After tax, that is almost $20 for a damn CD. I think not! Maybe I should ask for a CD burner for Xmas. Ya think? Anyone reading this have one? Are they pretty groovy? Worth every penny? I must sound pretty frugal, but I'm really not. After all, I spend $3.50-plus on fancy-schmancy espresso drinks a few times a week. Gotta love iced mochas!

I know, this is a pretty boring, lame-o entry, but I keep promising people to update more often. So at least they can't say I'm not putting forth the effort. ;) Love ya, Jenn & Jillybean! LOL
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