Holly (rhiannonfaery) wrote,

I'm terrible at this!

Gosh, I'm the biggest LJ slacker EVER.
It's no wonder people are dropping me from their Friends list. I never post.

How can I expect people to keep me when they can't get to know me? Duh.
Where to begin... I feel silly writing about myself, my little life.
It's much more interesting to read about all of YOU.

I guess I always feel I don't have anything interesting to say. Not very self-confident, am I?

Let's see ... what is new with me.
My "ex best friend" has inched her way back into my life after us not speaking for over a year.
It's odd; we've picked up right where we left off in a way. I just hope I'm not making a mistake. Some people felt I was better off without her in my life, so I sort of have mixed feelings. Of course, most of *those* people are no longer in my life either. So go figure.
I think I will just take it slow. I do miss her sometimes, the fun we had. Keeping my fingers crossed that she's grown up a bit in the past year. I think the fact that she's getting divorced may help.

My boyfriend of over three years and I broke up about four weeks ago. I have mixed feelings on that. A small part of me misses him, misses "us," but a bigger part of me is relieved and semi-happy.

I keep trying to convince myself that my Prince Charming is out there somewhere.
That's me, always the romantic. ;-)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. Bah, humbug.
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