Holly (rhiannonfaery) wrote,

Wow, has it been that long?!

Good lord, it's been over a YEAR since I've updated this thing. How sad is that!?
It's rather embarrassing, actually.

Not a whole lot new to report. It looks like people have been dropping me off their Friends lists like I'm a hot potato. I don't blame them one bit; I would too.

I am still alive, people! Helloooooooooooo out there!


It's freakin' Saturday night and I'm bored.
I'm formally inviting each and every person who reads this to come on over! Let's have a little soiree, whaddya say? I'll provide the chips 'n dip, and you bring the Midori margaritas. :-P
Sounds refreshing.

Oh, a note of interest ... I saw the Rock Gods themselves, Fleetwood Mac, on July 6. I was flabbergasted, thrilled and entertained to the nth degree. Lindsay could not be any sexier if he tried, and Stevie is, well, Stevie. Such a goddess.
I brought my parents to the show, and they had an amazing time; I'm so happy about that. It was their first time in a limo. What a treat to be able to give them such a fun night out. That alone is priceless, not to mention the show which was worth its weight in gold.

On another musical note, I recently picked up the Jason Mraz cd. Man, that boy can sing! His songs are so joyful, great for putting me in a happy mood. Awesome stuff. He's like a less-brooding and more uplifting John Mayer (who I also adore).

Anyway, nothing new really to report. My job has basically taken over my life, which is sometimes great and sometimes not. It can be rather smothering at times, but I have no regrets.

No kids, no man for me, although I wouldn't mind ...

When I click to submit this entry, there might be a minor explosion within LJ. That'd be the dust crumbling off my account in huge sheets. Watch out for falling debris.
LOL, methinks I should update more often.
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