Holly (rhiannonfaery) wrote,

New Discovery on Etsy

I recently came upon a shop on Etsy called Bella Bath & Body. After browsing the listings, shop announcement and profile, I was ready to "favorite" this shop.

I'm still plotting my first order, and the products look and sound wonderful! I love the labels, too. A few goodies that I have my eye on are a Frosted Lime Cupcake lotion & whipped soap, Cotton Candy body butter, Mango Madness whipped soap, and lip balms in Raspberry Cheesecake, Sour Watermelon & Raspberry Mocha. How awesome does this stuff sound!? Yum. Spring is right around the corner (especially here in California), and I'm looking at fruity-delicious scents.

The whipped soap in particular looks fabulous. It appears to have the EXACT texture I love in a whipped soap, and one that isn't easy to find in the bath & body world.

I'm really looking forward to trying these goodies. It doesn't hurt that she's a huge Beatles fan like me! :)
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