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rhiannonfaery's Journal

16 December
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Please read my lengthy list of interests below to get an idea of what inspires me.
alice hoffman, american idol, amethyst, amy brown, ann rule, art, autumn, baby names, bath and body, beaches, beauty, books, bookstores, brian froud, candles, castles, cats, celtic lore, cheese, chocolate, cloudy days, coldplay, costume parties, court reporting, csi, dahlias, daniel merriam, dark chocolate, dave matthews band, days of our lives, dean koontz, dictionaries, dido, dragons, duran duran, elfwood, elton john, elves, enchantment, enya, erotica, etymology, faeries, fairies, fairy dolls, fall, fantasy, fantasy art, felines, fleetwood mac, flowers, fog, garlic, goddesses, halloween, hydrangeas, ice cream, iced mochas, intelligence, james christiansen, jason mraz, jaws, jewel, jimmy fallon, john mayer, johnny depp, josephine wall, kate winslet, kittens, laughter, letter writing, letters, lighthouses, lindsay buckingham, linguistics, lip gloss, lists, lotions, love, magic, maidens, makeupalley.com, marin county, masks, masquerade parties, maxine gadd, mermaids, mexican food, michael parkes, michelle pfeiffer, moulin rouge, mythology, names, nicole kidman, oceans, october, oregon, owls, paul mccartney, paulina stuckey, peaches, penpals, persians, pixies, poe, psychology, purple, quizzes, quotations, quotes, rain, rainstorms, raspberries, rhiannon, road trips, robert deniro, romance, rose mcgowan, sacramento kings, sagittarius, santa cruz, sarah mclachlan, scenic views, sensuality, sephora, sharks, silver, snail mail, stephen king, stevie nicks, storms, sunsets, suza scalora, the beatles, the coast, the cranberries, the kings, the ocean, tori amos, trinket boxes, true crime, tulips, twilight, unique names, vintage postcards, vocabulary, water, whimsy, winter, writing letters